Many organizations have their own canteen or facility on contract to provide food/meal at economical price for their employees. Traditionally, the practice followed is distributing manual printed coupon to employees at a prepaid cost. However this system demands more logistics in printing, distributing coupons and moreover maintaining the account of each employee's entitlement.

Hence to reduce the complexity in handling the canteen management system a solution where there is no need of any manual system and the information flow to employee, to the canteen contractor and HR is seamlessly available.

Our Software Manages all tasks related to issue of coupons internal/ external to permanent, temporary/ adhoc, trainees, outsourced employees. Coupons can be issued by user logging on to system using fingerprint authentication or through User Id and Password. Provides all details regarding coupons issued to different employees for a cycle.

Function & Features:-

  • It verifies the authenticity of user through Biometric/ RFID based device, which provides very high degree of security.
  • Easy , simple to install and maintain
  • Fast transaction Capabilities.
  • Data Retention Capability during Power Failure (Flash); also optional Battery backup.
  • It is user's option to choose whether the printer for printing coupon is necessary or not, since in some cases only reports is needed by the management to cross check with the reports given by canteen people.
  • It verifies whether the user is applicable for the benefits (coupons) or not, such as in case an employee is terminated, resigned or has drawn all coupons worth his amount then he is not a valid person and therefore should not receive any coupon.
  • It gives complete detail of all coupons issued to an employee, and the period.
  • Generates useful reports for various purposes e.g. Reports of Meals/ Snacks availed during specification time span.
  • Analyses attendance information for canteen contractors to aid food preparation and prevent wastage.
  • Punch Entry and Adjustment Entry Options and Manual Overtime Entry.
  • Software takes care of subsidies provided by the companies to their employees, allows manual entry of transactions, can present daily limit on the amount for the usage of canteen facility.
System Management
Here each point is provided with a RFID based reader and coupon printer, where employee entering the corresponding point can obtain their specific token under scheduled timings.

Coupon based scheduled timing
System can also be programmed to issue coupons based on timings given in the software. Here is snap shot showing the timing details

Do away with manual system of maintaining coupons.
Instant Information at your fingerprint for immediate use.
Reduced complexity at reasonable cost.


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