TRACKZONE, the comprehensive software for HR covers all the functions of the Human Resource department. Apart from Attendance functions, it has a feature rich Personnel Information system, Shift, Leave and Irregularity Management. All the parameters in the application are user definable with setup menus and this combined with the Report Planner, SQL Query Planner and the Letter Planner takes care of all your present and future needs

Features of Trackzone - Software for HR

  • A comprehensive Personnel Information System, presented in multiple tabbed pages containing information grouped according to their relevance .
  • Shift Time setup menu which includes more then 24 user definable features and multiple slabs for Late coming, Early going and Overtime.
  • A fully programmable Leave Setup menu, which includes Entry of Leave Types, Selection of Leave Marks and setting up Leave Controls and Leave Conditions. Leave Conditions and Leave Controls have feature rich user definable features.
  • Full - fledged Compensatory off and Overtime setup menu, user definable for different shifts, timings and group of employees.
  • Provision for Multiple Shift Assignment Options, which comprises of defining Shift rotation groups, assigning these groups to employees, alternative part monthly day assignments and ad hoc weekly assignments.
  • Automated Shift Scheduling options, which assigns shifts based on the Auto shift IN and OUT timings and the Shifts applicable to an Employee.
  • Auto calculation of Overtime based on predefined parameters that can be programmed using the Overtime setup.
  • Daily Exception Reports that lists out employees who are late, went early, not present and worked extra hours etc.
  • Tracking of overtime and Compensatory off entries against the actual working time of an employee.
  • Punch Entry and Adjustment Entry Options and Manual Overtime Entry.
  • Fail Safe User Management System, with View and Edit rights for individual menus with special administrative and privileged rights for each menu. Implementation of Vertical and Horizontal security feature, whereby the user can access information about only the employees designated to him or particular departments, grades or designations.
  • Setting up Report Rights limits the user's to selected reports. In conjunctions with the User Management, the user is limited to talking the reports for his/her department only.
  • The Systems does Transaction Log tracking of the user's actions right from logging in to the application to all the operations done by the user. Data tracked includes the information changed, the old information that was present, the logged in Machine Id and the date and time of the operation.
  • A feature packed Report Planner which gives you all the Master Information entered and all the calculated information like Work hours, overtime and loss hours etc. This report planer can be used to retrieve any information in the database for future needs.
  • An SQL Query Planner for advanced users, whereby they can right complex queries and store them for retrieving information.
  • User table creation, which facilities the user , to create tables and enter data. The information in these tables can be used in conjunction with the already available information to take out reports.
  • A full-fledged on line contextual help file, with a printable PDF file.


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